SICK (memoir) – ACT II

ACT 2 2017 Further down. The canals widen, must be nearing the source. There’s a flicker that might be the onset of sensory-deprivation-induced hallucinations, but they’re growing clearer as you let the current carry you on. Down. There’s an auditory element to the hallucination now. Voices in the flow. Down. Gathering speed now. What kind of live, pulsating canal is this?   Mid 2011 – … Continue reading SICK (memoir) – ACT II

SICK (memoir) – ACT III

ACT 3 2017 Nowhere. It’s over, if it has ever begun. Regardless, you journey on, spinning, untethered. The canals were only the edges of what you could see. You’re barefoot and naked. Weightless but for the weight of your breath. There’s nothing there, at the end that’s pulling you in, by an invisible thread. It’s over. Moreover, perhaps, there’s still a direction and shape to … Continue reading SICK (memoir) – ACT III

Kerkrade Trip (500-words, true-story exercise)

So we’re driving back from Kerkrade, a city on the German-Dutch border, with two fatty joints, and we’ve got the window cracked open for paranoia that we’d have to get rid of them lest we be thrown in jail were we to be pulled over. H is driving, sober — he took urine tests regularly for his football thing. E, C, and yours truly are … Continue reading Kerkrade Trip (500-words, true-story exercise)

Speedrunners (sketch)

People outside the community are always telling each other not to speed through their lives. They point at us and shake their heads in something damn close to disgust, as if their careers have any more of a point to them than just sitting in a dark room, staring blissfully at a screen for undistinguished masses of days and weeks worrying about frame-counts and inputs-per-minute, … Continue reading Speedrunners (sketch)